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General conditions


Welcome to a site that prefers services for technology these terms and conditions agreement, or contract, or conditions is a contract between you and likes services and technology and its address Qatar, Dam 38, Suhaim bin Hamad, Towers Proa Dam Tower Number for sites and applications in general tafadal services and technology or we or our own that govern your use of our websites

Websites or any mobile applications that are hyperlinked to this agreement and any other written, electronic or oral communications with preferred services, technology, and affiliates or any websites, pages, features, or content owned by us and managed, which is associated with this agreement is generally referred to including sites, applications, and services.

You are not entitled to use websites, applications, and services unless you agree to comply with all applicable laws and these terms and conditions. In addition, you can read our policy, privacy, and cookies at any time to get more information about how the Company collects, stores and protects your information when using the services. Our policy, privacy, and profiles are incorporated under this agreement in these terms.

Accept the conditions

To join us, you must be at least 16 years old to access, browse or use the services by all the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to any part of the terms, you must immediately stop and use the services, and please read this agreement carefully before following up if you have any questions regarding these terms, regulations, policy, privacy, and profiles. our own as described in the contact section with us below

Use our services 


Declarations when you use our services you agree to deal with information and data and declare that all information and data, when provided, are correct and by reality, you acknowledge and undertake that you are at least 16 years old or that you visit the services under the supervision of a parent or guardian by the terms and conditions of this agreement give you preference for services and technology under this limited license and can be canceled, non-transferable and non-exclusive to access and use the services through display on your internet browser or to browse Our sites or apps on your mobile phone

Use restrictions

Except what is permitted in the paragraph above, you may not reproduce, distribute, distribute, offer, sell, rent, transfer, create, translate, modify, reverse engineer, dismantle or exploit services in any other way unless allowed by tafadal for services and technology. Expressly in writing and you may not use any commercial information provided on the services or use any of the services for the benefit of another company unless permitted by preferred services and technology so expressly in advance you reserve the preferred services and technology the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or cancel requests at its discretion including an example of no inventory or if we believe that the client's behavior violates applicable law Or harm our interests or those of others you may not download, distribute or publish any content, information or other material through services that violate copyright, patent, trademarks, trademarks, defamation of threats, slander, obscene or inappropriate.

Service, trade secrets, or other property rights of any company. Defamation of threats, slander, obscene, indecent, pornographic or may lead to any civil or criminal liability under domestic or international law as well as containing any viruses, programs, or harmful codes that cause technical problems


Create and terminate the account

Create and terminate the account to access some of the features available in the services you will have to create an account and you may not use the account of another person every time you use the password or definition you will be considered a user you are entitled to access the sites and applications and use them in a way consistent with the terms and conditions of this agreement and the company is not obliged to investigate the permission or source of any such access or user for such services You will be solely responsible for accessing and using the services by anyone who uses your password and username, you are solely responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of your password and identity. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your password, identity, another breach, or threat of breach of the security of applications or sites, please do not use the same password assigned to these sites, applications, or other sites and applications. The user account is provided to the user's regional or international sites or applications in the initial numbers as depending on your location your account will be managed by the entity responsible for using this site as stipulated in section 1.1 Domain example if you create an account on a site www.tafadal.net

So your account will be managed by tafadal services and technology if you have a pre-account valid these terms based on the linked site We may terminate your access to services at any time. Your account will be managed by the party provided in section 1.1. We may terminate your access to the services at any time at our discretion without reason or notice or if we believe that you are violating the terms as well you can terminate your account at any time and for any reason by following the instructions on our websites or applications or by communicating with us as described below in our communication section and if your account is canceled you may lose the assets in your account if you do not contact us

Politics and privacy

When the company, organization, or individual uses our services and submits applications through them, you agree to provide us with your email address, phone number, or other contact details with sincerity and accuracy you also agree that we may use this information to communicate with you concerning your request to join our services if necessary.

We respect your right to privacy using our server or in another way you agree to collect, use and transfer your information as stipulated in our Privacy Policy to find out how we collect and use your personal information, including how to remove non-transactional communications from us who would like to see our privacy policy.


If you discover that mistakes have occurred when entering your data while registering as a user of our services, you can correct these errors on our websites in my account section in any case you will be able to correct errors related to personal data provided during the request for services by communicating with us as well as exercising the right to correct the stipulated and our cookies through our sites and applications.

Contact the customer service or the communications department immediately to take the necessary action


The content created by the company, organization, individual, or user when you move, publish, carry, share or contribute in any way any content to our sites or applications including but not limited to the provision of your content must be considered as content provided as content accessible by visitors or other users of sites or applications by accepting these terms you agree not to contribute to any user content that can be considered reasonably considered to include or contain that it has no solidarity at all with the following

  • Sexually explicit or pornographic content
  • Offensive words, insulting comments, or statements that are offensive or hateful to any country, religion, sex Or disability, age, or nationality.
  • Incitement to violence or other dangerous activities
  • Terrorism or other criminal activities
  • Insensitive or aggressive comments related to atrocities or heinous or health crises or deaths or conflicts or other
  • Tragic events or natural disasters
  • Harassment, bullying or threats
  • Dangerous products, illicit drugs or inappropriate use
  • Transactions in cryptocurrencies
  • False medical allegations or content
  • Content that violates individual property rights

The world is not authorized or you have no legal right to share, publish or display any other content that may be considered illegal, offensive, or restricted by applicable laws or regulations.

You also acknowledge and agree that it is permissible to prefer services and technology at its sole discretion to remove or prohibit any content created by the company, organization, individual, or user that you consider to violate the above requirements. The publication of the content in violation of these terms may result in the suspension or termination of the attachment to all our services or part of it by accepting these terms. You agree to publish the content under applicable law and suit the participating customers you also agree and agree that you prefer services and technology that are not obliged to actively monitor or review the world before viewing it on websites and applications to prefer services and technology you are solely responsible for the world that arises and chooses to publish it on websites and applications

Intellectual property


No company, institution, or individual participating in the services may file any complaint against preferred services and technology

Preferred marks for services and technology

Trademarks, icons, text label drawings, designs, and logos are contained in tafadal trademarks as a global brand in Qatar where the registration application is still underway you do not have and will not receive any ownership or interest in any of the marks and tafadal marks may not be used for services and technology about any product or services that are not affiliated with the company in any way that is likely to cause confusion or confusion between customers or in a way that negatively affects The company's reputation

Authorizing the right to use the brand

Authorizing the right to use the brand as soon as you sign up for services to a company that prefers technology is approved by the company, organization, or individual to use the brand and grants tafadal for services and technology to use and grants it the right to publish on websites, applications, and other services

Third-party links and resources

Our sites and applications may contain links to third-party sites that we do not have or control over sites and applications to any names, marks, products, services of third parties, links to third-party sites, or information that are not supported, publicized, or recommended by third parties Including any social media or mobile application belonging to third parties that work for services or interact with it in one way or another prefer not to be responsible for any actions or deletion or operator of any such site or platform that your use of any site or system belonging to any third parties is on your responsibilities and is subject to the conditions and policies of this third-party Including its privacy policies, we do not provide any guarantees or decisions regarding the accuracy of completion or the timing of any content posted on websites and applications by anyone else.


You have the option to subscribe to our email program where you will receive advertising messages and an electronic magazine from us to learn about the latest developments in the commercial world or from our subscription partners means that you agree to receive messages if you do not accept this program go to cancel the subscription directly and communicate in the communication section with us and notify us to unsubscribe

Events or out of control

We will not be responsible for any non-compliance or delay in complying with any of the obligations we assume under other terms or contracts when they are the result of events outside our reasonable control, including force majeure for an act, event, failure to exercise, omission or incident beyond our reasonable control, including, among other things, the following:

  • Strike, closure or any other form of protest
  • Civil unrest, rebellion, invasion, terrorist attack, terrorist threat, declared or undeclared war, threat or preparation for war
  • Fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, local or global epidemics or other natural disasters
  • Inability to use internet systems or public or private communications
  • Laws, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions imposed by any government or public authority
  • Closure of traffic by the authorities, trade blockade, ban and disruption of world trade

It must be understood that our obligations arising from other conditions or contracts will be suspended during the period when the conditions of force majeure remain in place and we will be granted a period when we can remain with these obligations for some time equal to the time when the powers have continued, we will provide all the materials in force to the maximum extent possible or find a solution that will enable us to fulfill our commitment under the terms despite the force majeure and the periods that have been suspended will be compensated in force on Events beyond our control

  • Any disputes or requirements and before taking any legal action to be communicated with a department that prefers services and technology to resolve disputes or make a settlement and while it has not been agreed legal measures are taken below
  • Disputes or requirements arising or with regard to the terms of use of our sites, applications or services, including any question relating to their existence, validity or termination, must be referred to arbitration and permanently resolved under the Arbitration Centre of the State of Qatar or the London Court of International Arbitration LCIA
  • The number of arbitrators must be the same, with the arbitration headquarters or its legal position in Qatar, the language used in the arbitration proceedings must be Arabic.
  • In dispute resolution in principle, we are available via email Email.tafadalqa.com

In dispute resolution in principle, we are available via email to respond to any queries and concerns you may have regarding your use of services or others to provide solutions to most problems quickly in this way we and you agree to do our best to settle any dispute, claim, question or dispute directly through consultation and negotiations in good faith which will be a precondition for any party initiating a lawsuit or arbitration

Applicable law

If you are a resident of Qatar or other countries, your use of our websites, applications, or service contracts through tafadal services and technology is subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Qatar.


No company, organization, individual or user has the right to exit websites or applications except with prior notice by email


  • gold

Individual contributions

  • We pledge that the documents of the company, institution, user, or individual such as commercial register, licenses, and registration of the establishment are valid and we shall bear any legal violation if the documents provided are not proven to be preferable to services and technology.
  • Attach partner and informant documents to addresses
  • Authorizing the right to use trademarks as soon as you sign up for services to be preferred for services and technology is approved by the company, institution, individual, or user to use the brand and is granted to the preferred services and technology to use and granted the right to publish in websites, applications, and other services

Annual subscription period

The power to use the copyright of the company, institution, individual, or user from the date of signing the contract for three years and this period is entitled to tafadal services and technology renewal automatically after the passage of 360 days unless a written book or send a notice to e-mail before renewal in 30 days with access to the presentation in detail in the subscriptions section and approval of the views

Duration of an individual subscription

As described in the individual subscription section of services and selection of category and the duration specified in the individual subscription section of the services is started and finished according to the user's choice of services by the company, organization, or individual with access to details before selection


Right to tafadal for services and technology, colonel's division, and compensation in the following cases if the company, institution, individual, or user defaults on the agreed terms and conditions and if you are late to pay the fees the subscription is canceled with the cancellation of the company from cartoon sites and applications as a registered company I prefer to services and technology while logging in to my preferred services and technology again imposes a fee of $1400 to enter while defaulting dues for previous subscriptions knowing that the entry of companies I have prefers For services and technology without final fees


Tafadal Services and Technology under no circumstances is responsible for anything specific to the company, institution, individual, or user of websites or applications for misuse of advertising, permits, correspondence, obligations submitted, stumbles, defects, or otherwise, whether direct or indirect, to the advertiser or actor without significant mediation and in the event of compensation to another party, he or she must resort to legal procedures or competent authorities to resolve the dispute in the state present. without taking any responsibility for the favors of services and technology and its sites and applications

Paying fees

Because of the best-advanced technologies at tafadal services and technology and after seeing subscriptions to the services in detail and after selection and approval of the terms and conditions and privacy policy fees are paid through bank accounts or by collecting fees in sites and applications PayPal