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Syriac Date: July 1, 2022


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1. Overview

The privacy policy explains how to bring the commercial world together in one platform and is included in our sites and applications to highlight the commercial world when using our services from the company, organization, or individual you trust us with your information and we realize that this is a great responsibility and we work hard to protect your information and because of the best technology we have we give you control of the agreed space for you We create a range of commercial services and offer them to the world that will help millions of people around the world to explore the commercial world and the latest developments program favors services and technology and its sites and applications

  • Multilingualism
  • Business events
  • Trade forums
  • Inauguration
  • External screens

Which helps to reach the goal of companies, institutions, individuals, and users in the world Tafadal Services and Technology connects all disciplines, services, and business activities from around the world to promote trade and economy.

Please read our terms and conditions and this policy before accessing and using our services and if you do not agree with the privacy policy or terms and conditions please do not access or use our services and use our services, you accept and agree to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions on our sites and applications and we have the right to modify the privacy policy and we may change it from time to time to reflect how we process the data and if we make changes we will notify you of the review of confidentiality or the date of the latest amendment in the procedures of the procedures from time to time This policy.

If we make significant changes that materially affect your privacy rights, we will provide advance notice and clarify this on our sites, applications or services to be preferred to services and technology so that you can review the changes before you continue to use our services if you do not agree with the amended policy, please stop using the services immediately.

2. Principle

Tafadal Services and Technology is a leading global company specializing in several business areas and its core scope provides the most significant number of commercial services and the latest advanced programs to me companies, institutions, individuals, and users to promote and publicize the world.
We create a spirit of challenge in the international markets with the current era to keep up with the world in the field of advertising and electronic advertising we provide our customers with the best services and innovative solutions and search for quality - efficiency in this field we deal professionally and adopt well-thought-out plans and work around the clock and participate in meetings and international events and highlight the users of tafadal services and technology as we focus on thoughtful plans for the inauguration department and make shopping plans and advertising for it.
Don’t waste time and money We shorten you and play this role in all discipline’s transparency, free trade, and delivering the parties directly what we aspire to without mediation.

3. Security precautions

Tafadal Services and Technology is designed with state-of-the-art technology, to maintain and protect security for all users such as companies, organizations, and individuals to protect their information and maintain confidentiality
The Internet is not a completely safe environment we strongly recommend and use secure methods and using the password complex to help us ensure the security of accounts and not to use the password or user for several people in our sites and applications because doing so increases data penetration for users and while any defect please communicate with us immediately.

4. Your rights

Access to information to correct or delete it you have the right to access Information collected, corrected, or deleted to protect data privacy We may ask you for data to enable us to confirm your identity and right to access Unsubscribe data for our correspondence If you no longer want to receive unrelated e-mails or promotional messages with transactions, you must enter the subscription cancellation section or send a message on email

5. Keep

We will keep your information as a company, institution, individual, or user for the purposes provided in this policy and to me backup or archive or prevent fraud or disclosure or for investigation we will retain the information and use it for the extent necessary for me to comply with legal obligations for example if we are required to keep your data for example to the applicable laws and dispute resolution and the imposition of our agreements and legal policy. If you do not wish to be a customer of ours stop using and accessing our services and you can ask us to close your account and delete all the information you keep about yourself by contacting us. If you send us correspondence, including emails, we keep this information electronically in account records and will also keep customer service and other correspondence sent to you electronically kept by records to measure and improve customer service and investigate fraud and potential violations.

6. Third-party sites and applications

Our website or applications may contain links to third-party sites or applications that do not apply this policy to third-party sites or applications.

7. Permitted ages

Our sites and applications may not be used for those under the age of 16 years.

8. Social media

Social media accounts for 17 sites to tafadal services and technology and is characterized by several languages and we deal professionally in designs, innovations, and ideas to reach the best results add the address to the company or institution or individual or user what we distinguish for direct communication is a goal preferable to the presence of accounts and linking them on sites and applications use modern technology.

9. Misuse

Please use the alert system or the reporting department for any problem or inappropriate content to work together to maintain the right course of services provided by tafadal services, technology, sites, and applications and in turn, we will end the services of those who misuse websites and applications and remove their content and take legal measures to preserve the rights of users and visitors and if any of these measures are taken, the sites and applications of a company prefer are not responsible for the nature of the improper content published and the consequences of this procedure It.

  • Ban the following practices
  • create more than one account
  • Publishing advertising and repeated advertisements
  • spreading advertising and subsidies to the world and images and videos are wrong or inappropriate.
  • Publishing advertising and advertising is inappropriate prices
  • Publish advertising with forwarding links to other sites
  • Download content, photos, or videos on names, numbers, and identities.
  • Publishing advertising contains the option of prepayment or transfers to the bank.
  • Publishing advertising with general content or public advertising content.
  • Spreading advertising for fraud and using fake marks

10. Intellectual property

Users are prohibited from publishing any content containing violations of third-party intellectual or property rights, which includes but is not limited to violations of intellectual property or private property rights and trademarks such as advertising and fictitious advertising, and we have the right to remove any backward content of the publishing policy to the world and protect the rights of others. If you feel that one of our advertisements is violating your intellectual property rights, private property, or trademarks, all you have to do then is inform our communication department and only the owner of these rights can file a communication against advertising that is likely to affect him.

11. Fees and services

In general fatal services, technology, programs, and global services do not charge fees in the introduction of companies for their programs but we charge a fee for the services provided by users as a company, institution, individual, or users and if you use one of the services on which we charge fees you will be required to review and approve them In the subscriptions section and the payment is in US dollar currency and we may change this mechanism from time to time in our turn we inform you on any change in the privacy policy or terms and conditions any updates we make by publishing it on our sites and applications and may choose some changes in the method of payment temporarily when publishing promotional announcements or new services on the other hand that these fees are not refundable to me and you have to pay them and if you do not we will cancel the validity of the service that Used.

12. Commercial agencies

This meaning belongs to the third party, which is the agent or service or the publication of the content of my services on behalf of others the privacy policy of the services and technology attends such kind, whether directly or indirectly without obtaining permission from a company that prefers technology permission of the preferred services and technology in addition to that The use of commercial agencies or private agencies of companies, institutions, individuals, or users’ agencies using trademarks or private trademarks or otherwise a company that prefers technology does not assume any legal responsibility if the user does not comply with the law of commercial agencies or is not an agent.

13. Concessions and limits of responsibility

Tafadal Services and Technology as it is available to the world as a user as a company, institution, individual or user you agree that our site and applications do not take responsibility for any content published by users including, for example, not to restrict advertising, advertisements or direct or indirect messages Among users as our sites and applications do not include the accuracy of advertising and advertisements or published content from companies or institutions or individuals or users or the extent of security or even compliance with the laws in it that most of what is published on the sites and applications is by users in addition to not ensuring continuous access to the services and there is no first alert system about the services This is beyond our control, including postponement or delay due to your geographical location or the development of internet networks in accordance with the legal limit allowed, we release our responsibilities from any guarantees, statements and conditions express or guaranteed to ensure the validity of the contents or other publication or rolling in our sites and applications and We are not responsible for any loss, whether with money, including profits, new reputations or indirect special damages resulting from your use of our sites and applications, even if we are not informed of this or we do not expect such a thing, and some judicial authorities do not allow the waiver of guarantees or the exclusion of damages, so such waivers and exceptions may not apply to you.

14. Protect your privacy

What information do we collect?
The information we collect depends on what you are a visitor or a member If you are a visitor, no information of your own is used. If you are a member you can also provide us with your name, phone number, and mail address if you are an electronic member this information is required to serve as a point of contact with our members and must be indicated in the creation of the account in favor of services and technology and the profile identification form to maintain the accuracy of the information for members you can access this at a time and change any mistakes they may find through updates

15. Report violations

If you want to report any irregularities on our sites or applications, you can use our contacts in our applications or sites. This makes it easier to communicate and quickly reach to take crisis measures.

16. Special packages

Services provided by the best for advanced services and technology and on modern technologies through which you can subscribe for 360 days to provide effective spaces and services characterized and show your latest developments specialized packages and have many features to help you reach the world.

Packages term of use;

Each company, organization, individual, or user is allowed to use only one package and does not allow the use of more than one package in the event of participation in one of the packages and the publication of advertising or advertisements the world is not compatible applying the conditions and conditions in our sites and applications will be sent a message directed to you for the need to modify your ads Or not to publish it again to avoid the disruption of subscription to packages and in the event of a repeat violation or not to change in what is mentioned the preference for services and technology has the right to disable subscription to packages that agree to follow all laws, conditions, rules, privacy policy and respect the rights of all users from all over the world and you must not use our services to violate any law or harm others.

17. VIP

VIP card

Tafadal Services and Technology is a service involving a group of companies, institutions, and individuals from all over the world and for the presence of the best technologies in their use Placing the brand of companies and institutions from all over the world on the card with the use of discounts or providing services from companies or institutions participating in the VIP membership


HP cardholders are at discounts or provide services from companies or you are not entitled to prefer services and technology participating exclusively in institutions discounts or services provided by companies or organizations


Discounts or services used in VIP cards

By companies participating in the membership of the VIP

18. Contact us

For inquiries, questions, or concerns about your information as a company, institution, individual, or user of the privacy policy, please contact us at the addresses